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Age Discrimination – A Workplace Problem on the Rise

As the American workforce continues to age claims of age discrimination have increased. 

According to the statistics compiled and released by the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (“EEOC”), the EEOC received 20,588 Charges of age discrimination in 2014.   This is a dramatic increase when compared to the 15,785 Charges of age discrimination that the EEOC received in 1997.  The percentage of claims filed with the EEOC alleging age discrimination has also increased.  In 1997 age discrimination claims were present in 19.6% of the overall claims received by the EEOC, but in 2014 the percentage was 23.2%.  Looking at the historical increase, one would be safe to assume that when the 2015 numbers are released by the EEOC there will be an even greater increase in age discrimination Claims.

According to Attorney Daniel J. O’Connell, “with advances in medical technology, people are living much longer and the average worker does not have enough money saved to retire.  There is an increased amount of people in the workforce, and employers are showing a preference for hiring younger employees.  Older employees often are forced out of their job before they are ready to leave.”  Fortunately, there are laws and agencies designed to protect these older workers from such discriminatory practices.

If you feel that you have been a victim of age discrimination in the work place, please contact our office for a free phone consultation.

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